What is Onan 4c carb cleaner used for?

What is Onan 4c carb cleaner used for? | Reference.com


Onan 4C Carb Cleaner is used to remove the build-up of carbon, varnish and gum that accumulates on a carburetor and to eliminate corrosion from ethanol and …

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Onan 4C CARB CLEANER Canada online at SHOP.CA – 68586. CUMMINS 4/C Combustion Chamber and Carburetor Cleaner?Removes power-robbing …

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I lubricated the linkages, but suspect carb cleaning is necessary. They no longer make Onan 4C; is there a good substitute? I bought Seafoam …

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Apr 26, 2003 …Clean Carburetor and Combustion Chambers with Onan “4C” … Have listed exactly what products you should use in the engine and life will be …

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Nov 18, 2005 …4C Combustion Chamber and Carburetor Cleaner – lpartii 326-5278) … Non-genuine Onan parts used in maintenance or repair that cause or …

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O.K. so today I go out and apply some carb cleaner to the throat of … I use a product made by Onan called ‘4C’ for ‘combustion chamber and carburetorcleaner. … it will work a lot better than some that are used only sparingly.

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I have not started my Onan genset in 6 months. … I have used a straw to pick up some gas from a container and dribbled it into …. Spray brake clean or carb/choke cleaner in all the ‘jets’ you can see them by looking closely.

3M Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner 08866 – 3M Auto


Not for sale in California. Cleans and lubricates throttle plates. Safe for coated throttle plates. Can be used for carbuertors.

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