What is a R12 to R134a conversion chart?

Charge as follows: R134A = 1.8 lbs R12= 2.0 lbs No additional oil is …


3. CENTER DUCT TEMPERATURE ( 36-46 DEGREES F.) Charge as follows: R134A = 1.8 lbs R12= 2.0 lbs. No additional oil is necessary in new compressors …

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An R12 to R134a refrigerant conversion chart is a tool used to properly recharge or convert a vehicle air conditioning system based on the refrigerant type and …

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GM recommends that vehicles with A/C systems designed for R12 be … indicate that minimal changes will have to be made R12 systems to retrofit them to R134a. … of the normal retrofit, unless indicated by their compressor replacement chart.

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That’s why many people simply recharge their older R-12 air conditioning system with R-134a after repairs have been made. … There is NO reason to retrofit a vehicle to R-134a as long as the R-12 system is cooling properly …. R134aRetrofit …

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Aug 1, 2011 … This R134a refigerant calculator determines the gas pressure based on temperature of R134a refrigerant. Includes a Pressure Temperature Chart. … friendly” replacement for R12 but does require system retrofit modifications.

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High side and low side adapters to convert your fittings from R12 to R134A. … Ideal pressure depends on the ambient temperature, refer to the chart below.

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Automotive Air Conditioning Conversion:Freon to R134a … I am sure all of you have heard when you convert from R12 to R134a that you must swap out the …

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CONVERSIONS … R12 system with the same evaporator capacity, the R134a system must have an … The charging equipment must only be used for R134a.

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How can I convert the same system to one which can work with R22 or … CFC to HFC conversions (R12 to R134a) rarely suceed. The gaskets …