What do five short blasts of a horn mean?

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Five short blasts from a boat on the water signal that the pilot of the boat doubts the action of another nearby craft trying to avoid a collision, according to the New …

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Such signal maybe supplemented by a light signal of at least five short and rapid flashes. … What does 6 short blast of a barge horn mean when boating?

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Five or more short and rapid blasts – Danger or doubt signal (I don’t … If you do not agree with or understand clearly what the other vessel’s intentions are, you …



Sep 8, 2016 … one short blast to mean “I am altering my course to starboard”; … [Such / This] signal may be supplemented by at least five short and rapid … is not obliged to sound the whistle signals prescribed by this Rule, but may do so.

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1 short blast (1 second), I want to pass you on my port side (Hint: PORT = 1 syllable … 5 short blasts, Danger, or do not understand approaching boat’s intentions.

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Sound signals are also like an automobile’s horn used to let other drivers know you … Five (or more) short, rapid blasts signal danger or signal that you do not …

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Jul 21, 2016 … An emergency does not come with an alarm but an alarm can … by a long ring or 7 short blasts on the ship’s horn followed by one long blast.


Or heard a whole series of short whistle blasts and wondered what they meant? Horns … Locomotive engineers will be allowed
to sound the horn in emergency …

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Here’s What The Horns Sounding on a Cruise Ship Mean

Aug 17, 2016 … Without the horn signals, the risk of a collision would be much greater. So whatdo they mean? … Five short blasts = Danger signal. Two long blasts … Two shortblasts = Passing on ship’s starboard side. Three short blasts …