Pokémon - Season 11 Episode 35 : The Psyduck Stops Here! (2021)

Pokémon - Season 11 Episode 35 : The Psyduck Stops Here! (2021)

While traveling through a deep valley, Ash and friends encounter a swarm of Psyduck in the middle of a road. Upon trying to pass them, the Psyduck suddenly start attacking them, and to make things worse, when ash and team try to battle them there are too many to battle so ash sneaks behind them with the help of gliscor only to know that psyduck is trying to protect their families who are waiting to hatch their eggs and doesn't want people to interrupt. when team rocket tries to steal the pokemon with the help of psyduck they manage to blow them away and saves the day. Ash and team goes to check psyduck's home lake they find mug has taken the lake, ash and team fights the group of mug and takes back the lake for psyduck

Networks:TV Tokyo

Genre: Animation, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Casts: Rica Matsumoto, Ikue Otani

Last Air Date: Dec 03, 2021

Quality: HD

IMDb:7.6 (993 Vote)

Release: Jan 01, 1970

View: 993